IMPLANTS you can rely on

A Dental Implant is a titanium “Root” that integrates directly with the surrounding bone and replaces the function of the natural tooth. The aim of implant is to improve your health, chewing function and/or aesthetic appearance and once healing and restoration is complete you will be able to enjoy a wide variety of foods again.
When can dental Implants be used:
It does not matter whether teeth were lost through accident, disease or caries; dental implants are an excellent tooth replacement for many patients,
Your dentist will inform you which implant treatment is most suitable for you.
Dental implants can be used when:
A single tooth is missing – crowns
Several teeth are missing - bridges 
All teeth are missing - bridges or dentures
How does it work?
Treatment procedure
After detailed consultation and examination, a cost projection will be prepared by your dentist. Only when you are comfortable with what will happen will your surgery take place and the implant(s) will be inserted. When your dentist is satisfied with the stability of your implant, the final restoration can take place.
Time frame
Usually, four to six visits are required over two to six months. Your dentist will advise you and set up your individual schedule.
Why choose a dental implant over a conventional bridge?
Better looks and greater self-confidence
When roots of teeth are missing, the jaw bone degenerates in these areas. Insertion of dental implants prevents bone resorption and you keep your natural look. Conventional bridges do not replace the roots and thus are unable to prevent the degeneration that can change the contours of your face and make you look older.
Protection and preservation
To attach a conventional bridge, the dentist often needs to grind down healthy neighboring teeth. Using dental implants, this is usually not necessary – healthy teeth are protected.
Performance and value
Dental implants provide better long term benefits than conventional bridges and prostheses. While initial costs may seem high, over a lifetime implants provide an invaluable solution for replacing missing teeth.
What are the advantages of dental Implants?
You can eat whatever you want - your teeth are strong and stable. They look and feel like your own teeth too. You know that you have chosen the best solution and can smile a confident and beaming smile.
Implants provide a lifelong solution
When you maintain good oral hygiene, your implants can last your whole life. This makes implants an efficient and economic long term solution.
Dental implants support your health
When you lose a tooth, the jaw bone and gum starts to resorb, and increasingly so if you lose several teeth implants protect healthy teeth, prevent bone loss and help you keep your natural look.